The Sound of One Hand Clapping

It took months of dithering before Obama made a decision about Afghanistan, the war he claimed to support (unlike Iraq) during the campaign. He finally agreed to send troops, although not as many as the Generals asked for. The “surge” also comes with an expiration date (he originally said that the troops would be withdrawn in mid-2011, telling the Taliban that all they had to do was keep their heads down and wait a year and a half; he’s waffled a bit on that point since). Also, the troops still have to deal with insanely stupid and suicidal Rules Of Engagement. Still, it could have been worse; he could have appeased his base and refused to send any more troops at all, or even began the process of cutting and running outright. So, his day-late and dollar-short response merits some extremely meager partial credit, with incredibly vast room for improvement (which could hopefully come about if the political scene changes drastically after the 2010 Congressional elections – There’s change we can really hope for!)


4 Responses to “The Sound of One Hand Clapping”

  1. BabbaZee Says:

    The only thing that would make that image better is if you added MFers! at the end

  2. RoboMonkey Says:

    Yeah, but I was hearing it in my head like Edward G. Robinson saying “Where’s your God now, Moses?” in The Ten Commandments.

  3. BabbaZee Says:

    Eddie G Akbar

  4. cookielady Says:

    Allah is taking a massive dump right now, sorry, boys.

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