The Big Cutoff

Thanks to ♠Ace of Spades♠, we see an example of climate “scientists” continuing their attempts at blackmail and cover-up, threatening to blacklist an otherwise friendly (to their cause) reporter for even daring to mention the word “Climategate” (which is more than Google autocomplete will do) and for making reference to the free Copenhagen hookers.

Of course, your blog is your blog. But, I sense that you are about to experience the ‘Big Cutoff’ from those of us who believe we can no longer trust you, me included. Copenhagen prostitutes? Unbelievable and unacceptable. What are you doing and why?

He’s a reporter, and he’s reporting. “He’s reporting facts. Professor Schlesinger ought to give it a try and see if it suits him,” comments Ace. This letter, by the way, was not “hacked” or “stolen” but was openly blogged to the public by Steven Hayward, one of the people on the circulation list.

On a related note, the World Meteorological Organization has released a statement predicting that The year 2009 is likely to rank in the top 10 warmest on record since the beginning of instrumental climate records in 1850. They released this statement just in time to add urgency to the whole Copenhagen Fraud Summit, and dash the hopes of the skeptics who are looking right at the decline they’ve been hiding.

The global combined sea surface and land surface air temperature for 2009 (January–October) is currently estimated at 0.44°C ± 0.11°C (0.79°F ± 0.20°F) above the 1961–1990 annual average of 14.00°C/57.2°F.

Unfortunately, as many people have noticed, they are comparing annual averages from the past to the first ten months of 2009. Naturally, the average temperature will be high when they haven’t included November and December! How blatant can they be?!


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