Not “Too Brave”. “To Blave”. It Means “To Bluff”.

Man, after a year of being told that the threats against Obama were so much greater than against any previous president; how shocked, yes shocked am I to hear from the Director of the Secret Service that President Obama is not receiving more death threats than previous presidents.

At a congressional hearing into the White House security breach that took place last week, when Tareq and Michaele Salahi “crashed” the White House state dinner, Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan said the current threat level against the president is normal. “The threats right now … is the same level as it has been for the previous two presidents at this point in their administrations…”

The contradicts a whole spectrum of stories which we’ve been hearing from the media and left-wing politicians dating back to before he even won the nigh-uncontested election. Well over a year ago, the biggest praise one of my formerly-rational friends could heap upon his candidate Obama was how brave he was to run for the office knowing that everyone in the country would try to kill him if he won. So how can this be, that Obama isn’t receiving any more threats or extensive coverage than previous Presidents, in this irredeemably racist country (which somehow managed to elect him in the first place)?


4 Responses to “Not “Too Brave”. “To Blave”. It Means “To Bluff”.”

  1. BabbaZee Says:

    His Indian Name is Runs With Hopium

  2. cookielady Says:

    I think his name is Passing of Wind.

    He is one big world-fart.

    There will be more. Hold your noses.

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