Soma (a.k.a. Hopium)

Palmview, TX — President Barack Obama’s approval rating may be hovering in the 50 percent range, but that doesn’t mean America’s Commander-in-Chief isn’t catching on with new constituents. There is now a line of Ecstasy pills made in the image of the 44th president of the United States, according to Texas police who have snatched a batch off the streets.

Were these around last year? Because it would explain a lot.


5 Responses to “Soma (a.k.a. Hopium)”

  1. RoboMonkey Says:

    Do they dissolve in the Kool-Aid?

  2. BabbaZee Says:


    You stole Mah Hopium honky!

  3. Endangered in Mass Says:

    Do those come in Pony Shapes?

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