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This is interesting. Generation America is an organization for those fifty years old and older, created as a deliberate alternative to the far-left-leaning AARP. AARP has backed Obamacare, opposed privatizing any portion of SSI, and also fought against both the Reagan and Bush tax cuts. Most of AARP’s leadership are Obama donors, regardless of how the majority of their members (who join for economic and other reasons, not for liberal advocacy) feel. Generation America, on the other hand, believes in our natural right to freedom over our own lives, liberty, and property. They believe in the Free Market and the American Dream.

I’m not fifty yet (I still have several years to go), but I never had any intention of giving AARP a penny of my hard-earned money for them to spend against my interests lobbying the government to take away even more of my money. Now, there appears to be a conservative alternative.

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  1. DustBunny Says:

    I have recently heard their advertisements on radio in the morning.
    I think it’s great.

  2. DustBunny Says:

    I’ve subscribed to comments on this. I’m hoping to hear more about it too. (I’m closer to being eligible than you :p )

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