Pogroms in Jerusalem

Thanks to a number of people up to and including Obama who refer to Jerusalem (the capital of Israel) as a “settlement” and try to limit any expansion there, Israelis are now facing actual violence for trying to move in there…

(IsraelNN.com) A “welcoming” committee of Arabs and foreign anti-Israel activists, including those from the United States and Sweden, [emphasis added] attacked Jews with clubs and stones Tuesday as a new family moved into a home in eastern Jerusalem. Police stopped the attack but not before blood was streaming down the face of a Jewish guard at the site. The clash came as Sweden plans to present a proposal to the European Union that it recognize eastern Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian Authority, a step that would give the PA de facto status as a state and weaken Israeli sovereignty over the city.

Pardon me, but since when is the real country of Israel or the imaginary fairy-land of Palestine part of the European Union (or even the European continent)? Apparently, they were fooled by Israel’s entry a couple of years ago in the Eurovision song contest (which was also protested, both for their inclusion and for the politically incorrect content of their song):

Of course, we’re not surprised to see Americans involved in the stoning, given the current scorn of the current US government (which received the overwhelming majority of the Jewish vote) to Israel, nor are we surprised to see Swedish involved, given their media’s front page stories about ancient bullshit “blood libel”…

But what about the UN?

Following Tuesday’s addition of another Jew in the neighborhood, the United Nations issued a statement that the “secretary general has expressed his dismay at the continuation of demolitions, evictions and the installment of Israeli settlers in Palestinian neighborhoods in ‘occupied East Jerusalem.'”

But of course. As always, it’s the fault of the Jews for having the temerity to live and breathe. I would spit right now on all of the anti-semities and genocide-hopefuls, except that I’m waiting to catch H1N1 first so that my expectorations will really mean something. (H/T: Blogmocracy)

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