Get With the Program!

From scottishbuzzsaw, this link describes the “complete and utter train wrecks” that are the computer models used by CRU for making up their global warming data.

Programmers all over the world have begun wading through the code and they have been stunned by how bad it is. It’s quite clearly amateurish and nothing but an accumulation of seat-of-the-pants hacks and patches.

It may be true the the scientists themselves were not programmers, even assuming that they had goals of honestly modelling climate rather than supporting pre-determined results, but there should have been some serious oversight for any model which is expected to influence economies and societies at this level.

One computer model which I worked on was subjected to a rigorous screening by the Army Accounting Agency. They went over the entire code, line by line, looking for errors before they certified it. They also took a sample set of numbers, ran it through the model, and calculated all of the results manually to make sure that they matched. (All of the data was certified by different agencies as well.) The algorithms and data were available to the people, politicians, and general public who asked to see them (except where the data was classified, of course).

Transparency and accountability. That’s how you manage a model whose output controls billions of dollars of budgeting.

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