Now THIS is Hope … and Change.

One day, when Sila Folow was an 8-year-old girl living in Mali, four elderly women held her down on the dirt floor of an outhouse and, in keeping with local tradition, used a sharp blade to cut out her clitoris and most of her labia. Her grandmother and other villagers held a celebration. Sila, bleeding and in terrible pain, could not walk for weeks. Like millions of other African girls who are forced to undergo female genital mutilation – a ritual many women say is intended to ensure that they grow up to become sexually passive wives who will not stray from their husbands… This May, Sila, now 38 years old, underwent a simple but profound operation to undo the past. She traveled to Trinidad, Colorado, where Dr. Marci Bowers, a gynecological and pelvic surgeon, has recently begun to perform “clitoralplasty” or “female circumcision reversals” on African women. A relatively new procedure, it reshapes the anatomy and, in 80 percent of patients, restores pleasurable sensation. “I want my womanhood back,” Sila told Bowers when she first spoke to the surgeon about the operation. “I just want to know it’s there. To have the feeling that I can fight against this culture”… —Newsweek

What the ninth-century barbarians can do, modern science can undo.


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  1. cookielady Says:

    This is GOOD news! We need more doctors who can and will do this surgery, and we need them to get teams together to do it pro bono for as many as they can. Let women be women, and let this barbaric custom be abolished!

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