Cat Sh*t One

Cat Shit One

“Cat Shit One” (released in America as “Apocalypse Meow“) was a manga (Japanese comic book) which told the story of three American soldiers in Vietnam… only the American soldiers were all rabbits (a bilingual pun; the Japanese word for rabbit is usagi, and an American soldier is a USA GI), the Vietnamese were cats, and so forth. Each nationality was represented by a different animal (usually one that was indigenous or symbolic for the country, like bears for Russians and pandas for Chinese; they oddly used pigs rather than frogs for the French, though). There’s a CGI film in the works which is set in the Middle East, featuring the same American bunnies but in combat with Muslim (presumably Iraqi?) camels. I’m really not sure what to think of this one, but pure morbid curiosity is probably going to make me check it out once it’s available subtitled in English.

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